The past 11 of Japan March suffered one of the greatest natural disasters of history, the world was stopped and also they made the motors of Overtype. Our glances are at the moment in distant East, that needs our aid right now.

Like tribute to the people who worse are passing it in all the globe and special in the Japanese island, I have begun a project in which I will make a series of 15 designs, artwork per day, from the 9 to the 24 of March. They will be put on sale shortly and the 100% of the benefit will go destined to different  ONG’ s that center their efforts in helping Japan. Of this form we will contribute our a little bit in this cause.

You can purchase the artworks in different sizes, formats and prices in:

In October, in the Pixel&Code Fest, I did a previous work of the first Project of Graphic Exhibition of Overtype called  Sfere during this days the project has suffern a little transformation to become  a tribute and a shout of encouragement in the bad moments that is going throw Japan.

The artworks follow the structure of Sfere, but are based in the flag and symbol of Japan.

I developed it with the Overtype’s tools, mixing code and maths with data and stadistics about the incident. This information is extracted from different sources and represent: the magnitude of the tremors,  geolocation of the disasters, statistic, economical  information, social impact, repercussion in the Net…

The pictures aren’t informative infographies, but are built with this information conteining a conceptual part and soul of sisater inside each one of their lines and colours.

From here I try to encourage everybody to buy this graphic material done with a lot of love, and in this way contribute to this cause!

Are on sale  through redbubble on different versions: Posters (A1,A2), Line clothes, canvas, cards, stickers, t-shirtswith different pricesgiving the 100%  of benefits of sale (50% of final price) .

You can buy the artworks in different sizes and prices

Pd- In this moments i´m looking for a platform to sale this that contributes with more benefits to the cause, if you already know some of them or are interested in the distribution contact  me in en

You can download the images in different digital sizes from the site on facebook:

Thank you so much!


(thanks to Hel for the translation)